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Choosing the best preschool for your kid is a significant choice that lays the basis for their educational career. As parents in Calgary, the hunt for a perfect preschool entails rigorous evaluation of different elements to provide the finest start for your young ones. To aid you through this essential choice, we have listed the top three criteria to look for in a good preschool in Calgary. By concentrating on these vital traits, you can confidently pick a preschool that will nourish and encourage your child’s growth.

1. Comprehensive Curriculum and Educational Philosophy

Holistic Approach to Learning

An excellent preschool’s foundation is a well-rounded curriculum. Seek for a preschool that integrates intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development into its holistic approach to learning. In order to meet the varied requirements of young students, the curriculum should be created with their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in mind.

Balance between Play-Based and Structured Learning

The ideal balance is struck between play-based and organized learning activities in an outstanding preschool. For young children’s development of their creativity, social skills, and cognitive capacities, play-based learning is essential. Structured activities also aid in the development of children’s self-control, concentration, and basic academic abilities. Make sure the preschool you choose combines the two methods to provide an engaging and encouraging learning environment.

Adaptable Lesson Plans

Every kid is different, having distinct interests, skills, and rates of learning. Understanding this, a quality preschool provides individualized learning programs based on the requirements of each child. With this tailored approach, kids are given the proper amount of assistance and challenge, which fosters a love of learning and increases self-assurance.

2. Skilled and Enthusiastic Teachers

Skilled and knowledgeable personnel

A preschool’s efficacy is largely dependent on the caliber of its teachers. Seek for early childhood education-qualified staff members who have a lot of expertise and training. These teachers need to be well knowledgeable about the fundamentals of child development and capable of putting excellent teaching strategies into effect.

Ongoing Professional Improvement

A top-notch preschool is distinguished by its dedication to ongoing professional development. To keep up with the most recent findings and developments in early childhood education, educators should participate in continual training and learning opportunities. This guarantees that they can deliver the finest possible learning experiences for the youngsters.

zeal and commitment

Despite being intangible, passion and devotion are essential traits of exceptional instructors. Children are inspired to explore and learn when they are in a supportive and inspiring environment, which is created by teachers who are really enthusiastic about early childhood education. Seek for preschools where the teachers have a sincere passion of teaching and a strong dedication to the development and welfare of their pupils.

3. A secure and stimulating atmosphere for learning

Facilities Focused on Children

A preschooler’s learning experience is greatly influenced by its physical surroundings. Select a preschool that offers kid-focused programs in tidy, safe, and well-maintained premises. With play equipment, educational resources, and furniture that is appropriate for the students’ ages, classrooms should be warm and stimulating spaces.

Play areas both indoors and outside

A combination of indoor and outdoor play spaces is vital for a well-rounded preschool experience. Different learning centers, such scientific stations, reading nooks, and art corners, should be installed in indoor places. There should be much of room in outdoor play spaces for exploration, physical activity, and time spent in nature. This variation promotes social skills, physical well-being, and a relationship with nature.

Measures for Safety and Security

Priority one when selecting a preschool should be safety. Ensure that the preschool adheres to stringent safety and security procedures to safeguard the children. This includes secure access and exit points, frequent safety exercises, first aid training for personnel, and childproofing measures inside the building. Parents may feel more at ease knowing their children can play and learn in a secure setting.


Making the appropriate preschool choice is essential to setting your kid up for success in the future. You can make an informed choice that supports your child’s early development by placing a high priority on a thorough curriculum, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers, and a secure and engaging learning environment.

Learn & Play Preschool Academy is one preschool in Calgary that demonstrates these attributes. They are a top option for parents looking to give their kids the best start in life because of their dedication to providing a caring and enriching educational experience.

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