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Class Schedule


Every day children will be greeted by their teachers and join in for a short free play time in the classroom and/or work on their fine motor journals at the tables while we wait for the remainder of the children to arrive.


Children sing hello, answer questions from their peers and teachers, talk about the theme or lesson of the day, have a story based on the theme and discuss the craft that day. Games, songs and discussions promote development in language, number skills and social interactions.


Art is an integral part of an early childhood program and either a themed craft or a child led craft will be offered each day. Children are free to circulate among the choice of centres and activities set out for them. They are encouraged and guided in cooperative play throughout this time. Rotating centers such as the sand/water table, dramatic play areas, science and discovery, building, table top fine motor activites, and the story corner will provide rich opportunities for global development.


Children as a group wash their hands to sit down for snack that was brought from home. Having the children get into the practice of washing hands first promotes healthy eating habits. Children find their placemat labelled with their name. Once snack time is over, the children throw away their own garbage and put away their placemats. Snack is an important time for children to learn and practice socialization skills.

Outdoor Play or Musical Time

Physical education is a fun and busy time! There will be a combination of teacher directed and free play with the equipment and instruments provided allowing for gross motor development and creative movement.

Closing Circle Time

Each class will wind down with a short discussion of the day's events and discuss what is coming up for our next class. At dismissal time the children will stay in the classroom with the teacher until an adult arrives and they are dismissed.

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